In the Workshop today…..

It became time to start the next stage in my mould making process, taking the cast I took from Catherine (2 Weeks ago) I was  able to start preparations and the 2 layers for fibreglass. Working with these new materials meant I had to take more of a mental note when it came to the health and safety side which we all like to forget but still it is very important! So you’ll see a picture of me wearing the height of fashion in terms of workshop attire, goggles to protect my eyes from the fibreglass resin, catalyst and gel coat (anything splashed into my eyes could cause trouble!) A mask to protect from the lovely fumes created from the gel and fibreglass resin, gloves to protect my digits from the fibreglass matting itself as the tiny fibres have a nack for getting into your skin and becoming quite uncomfortable. An overall lastly to protect my clothes. Fibreglass is a tough one to get off off clothes and out of hair be warned!

1653994_10203411209899728_1515201740_n 10003408_10203411210139734_900931657_n


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