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Faun Photo Shoot

As part of my portfolio building I am aiming to produce some images that demonstrate my strengths with different materials used in the special effects world. For this piece I chose to use liquid latex as my medium to make some prosthetic ears and horns. Because some detail is lost using this method I had to experiment prior to the shoot with different sculpts, adding exaggerated detail so that the detail I            required once the liquid latex layers were added were to the quality that I desired.

Further to this as I have a large amount of experience when it comes to wig application. i found it only necessary to use a wig for this shoot also demonstrating another skill.

Enjoy the pictures prior to the professional pics and the professional pictures I had edited to further the feel and energy I wanted  to portray.






WENDY – A Short film

Last week I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work on WENDY – a short film. Post apocalyptic, comic book, super hero style,  employed as lead special effects makeup artist for the duration of the filming.  Each day was an experience in itself learning about the roles of each person on set and how many people and cast it took to make this film was incredible. Surrounded by passionate, dedicated media professionals and students I learnt how competitive the film industry was as each individual worked very hard in order to make the film happen.

A personal highlight of this film was that I had the opportunity to work with Chris Adamson,  my first established actor I have worked on. More details  of which can be found at

Red Carpet Makeup

  My final design for the red carpet look, hollywood waves, red lipstick, glamorous swooping eyelashes with a touch of sparkle to shine on the red carpet.