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In the Workshop today…..

It became time to start the next stage in my mould making process, taking the cast I took from Catherine (2 Weeks ago) I was  able to start preparations and the 2 layers for fibreglass. Working with these new materials meant I had to take more of a mental note when it came to the health and safety side which we all like to forget but still it is very important! So you’ll see a picture of me wearing the height of fashion in terms of workshop attire, goggles to protect my eyes from the fibreglass resin, catalyst and gel coat (anything splashed into my eyes could cause trouble!) A mask to protect from the lovely fumes created from the gel and fibreglass resin, gloves to protect my digits from the fibreglass matting itself as the tiny fibres have a nack for getting into your skin and becoming quite uncomfortable. An overall lastly to protect my clothes. Fibreglass is a tough one to get off off clothes and out of hair be warned!

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Make a portfolio book!

Make a portfolio book!

This week I have been exploring different ways in which I can show off my work for portfolio and interview purposes. The most interesting, fun and unique of which I found that you can make your own book to display your images! The website link I have provided (click on the arrow) takes you to the Blurb website that allows you to download the software free where you can custom design your own book. Add your own images and text where you desire and once your book is complete you are then able to click the icon to order it! For around £25 you can get a standard portrait size hard back book and in comparison to printing costs and other portfolio display books, boxes, cases I think its a really fair price to pay for a fun way to show our work.

Today in the workshop……

With projects coming out of my ears it was time to get casting so that I have some casts to sculpt on, and yes that does mean many new prosthetics! Using the totally cost effective Mod roc (plaster bandage) and the gorgeous Catherine as my model I made a cast of her back and chest, which was in two parts. It was important to make sure there were at least two layers of the plaster bandage and so that it was strengthened with extra bandage across the chest, back and along the edges of the cast. Shellac and vaseline were used on the first half on the edge of the cast so that the second half would not stick the casts together (this would make it really difficult for removal!)

Looking forward to completing the cast tomorrow! Then I can start my favourite part…. the sculpting!!

London Harry Potter

So last week I visited the lovely London with my class friends, had a fantastic time staying in Central and seeing the Lion King at the Lyceum theatre! Part of our journey there meant we were able to visit the wonderful Harry Potter museum. Expectations were high and I was not let down….. real life set pieces, props and even the chance to ride your very own broom around Hogwarts (ok it was in a green room) but nothing could prepare me for the last room and with out giving too much away I had to take some photos of the beautifully made facial and body prosthetics that were used during the films, I also got the chance to see some of the animatronics which has sparked a new interest so keep posted as you may be seeing some experimentation occurring…..

Spotlight : Creature Designer Carlo Rambaldi

Spotlight : Creature Designer Carlo Rambaldi.

Has nothing to do with the fact he helped create one of the best films of all time…. ALIEN!