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Faun Photo Shoot

As part of my portfolio building I am aiming to produce some images that demonstrate my strengths with different materials used in the special effects world. For this piece I chose to use liquid latex as my medium to make some prosthetic ears and horns. Because some detail is lost using this method I had to experiment prior to the shoot with different sculpts, adding exaggerated detail so that the detail I            required once the liquid latex layers were added were to the quality that I desired.

Further to this as I have a large amount of experience when it comes to wig application. i found it only necessary to use a wig for this shoot also demonstrating another skill.

Enjoy the pictures prior to the professional pics and the professional pictures I had edited to further the feel and energy I wanted  to portray.






Casting Continued

Casting Continued

More on my cast, flashing complete, moisture sealant spray and mac wax releasing agent complete, gel coat complete, tomorrow more fibre glassing….. its never ending!

WENDY – A Short film

Last week I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work on WENDY – a short film. Post apocalyptic, comic book, super hero style,  employed as lead special effects makeup artist for the duration of the filming.  Each day was an experience in itself learning about the roles of each person on set and how many people and cast it took to make this film was incredible. Surrounded by passionate, dedicated media professionals and students I learnt how competitive the film industry was as each individual worked very hard in order to make the film happen.

A personal highlight of this film was that I had the opportunity to work with Chris Adamson,  my first established actor I have worked on. More details  of which can be found at

In the Workshop today…..

It became time to start the next stage in my mould making process, taking the cast I took from Catherine (2 Weeks ago) I was  able to start preparations and the 2 layers for fibreglass. Working with these new materials meant I had to take more of a mental note when it came to the health and safety side which we all like to forget but still it is very important! So you’ll see a picture of me wearing the height of fashion in terms of workshop attire, goggles to protect my eyes from the fibreglass resin, catalyst and gel coat (anything splashed into my eyes could cause trouble!) A mask to protect from the lovely fumes created from the gel and fibreglass resin, gloves to protect my digits from the fibreglass matting itself as the tiny fibres have a nack for getting into your skin and becoming quite uncomfortable. An overall lastly to protect my clothes. Fibreglass is a tough one to get off off clothes and out of hair be warned!

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Today in the workshop……

With projects coming out of my ears it was time to get casting so that I have some casts to sculpt on, and yes that does mean many new prosthetics! Using the totally cost effective Mod roc (plaster bandage) and the gorgeous Catherine as my model I made a cast of her back and chest, which was in two parts. It was important to make sure there were at least two layers of the plaster bandage and so that it was strengthened with extra bandage across the chest, back and along the edges of the cast. Shellac and vaseline were used on the first half on the edge of the cast so that the second half would not stick the casts together (this would make it really difficult for removal!)

Looking forward to completing the cast tomorrow! Then I can start my favourite part…. the sculpting!!

Ear Casting

Last week I began my learning on how to make an ear cast. This was done by creating a negative of the ear with Alginate then once set your are able to fill the negative ear mould with plaster to form your ear cast.

The purpose of this exercise was so that I could learn different methods and areas of the body which can safely  be cast as the final cast of the ear can be sculpted onto. From this a custom made prosthetic to whomever body part has been cast can be made. More regarding this will come in time as I will sure be doing some experimenting!

You’ll also find some very attractive photos of having my own ear being cast….. not sure I really enjoyed the experience, the alginate tickled my ear and can be quite a shock as its a cold and gloopy material but as always its always its good to get a feel for what any life cast models go through buy having the process done to you yourself.

Silicone Colouring and Hair Punching

Today was a very exciting day in the studio, I got to meet Sue Day, freelance wax, hair, silicone and colour specialist who taught me how to colour silicone for realistic looking skin and how to punch in hair!

Using a sample silicone cast (originally taken from David Beckham) I used oil pains mixed with Zest It (a natural solvent used to dilute oil paints and clean brushes used with an oil based paint) to form the colours I needed to make my silicone piece look realistic, mixing my own colours. Once I was happy with my colour I then added a special ingredient which bonds the paint to the silicone called Flowable silicone rubber fluid which I could then start to build up the colour on my silicone piece, this involved taking notice of the creases and wrinkles in the face and creating shadow, also to use reference pictures so that I got the colour such as for the lips correct.

Hair punching was also an enjoyable task, using a needle to punch in separate human hairs into the silicone piece taking reference from the natural direction to which the hair would grow for a realistic finish.

I hope you enjoy the before and after photos! Now its time I start on the colouring of my second silicone piece, my prosthetic design!RrRoY

Last of the Halloween!

Heres what I got up to over the halloween period, from a very gorgeous black swan (coming up in its own post) to Jeff the Killer look and of course I had to come up with my own inspired look, a creepy clown! Both Jeff the killer and the clown looks were created using sculpt gel and grease paint, face paint etc and of course plently of blood! Enjoy!




Sneak Preview!

Sneak Preview!

Heres a cheeky glimpse of some of what I have sculpted onto my cast, as Halloween is due to arrive soon I’ve gone for a freaky theme for my scary piece this year and before you start thinking it must be Joker think again……

Simple Newplast (A plasticine alternative) is what I used to start my sculpt with the help of some sculpting tools all which was purchased from one of my best friends Ebay 🙂

Face Cast for Prosthetics Part 2

Stellar Makeup

Today I went about making a base made from plaster to set my face cast on in order for the face cast to be ready for sculpting. Once this was complete I could then look into creating my custom fit prosthetic.  This involved using some new materials which included a separating agent which was wax based and Shellack (which is also used in the industry of nail art).

In order to form the base I built a 3 inch wall surrounding my cast from clay so that the wall could support the plaster base, surrounding this wall the extra help of Mod Roc was added which when set creates a stronger wall and support mechanism for the plaster to hold in place.

Using a brush and the setting apart agent I coated the bottom of the wooden support board which acted as a barrier to the plaster so that it…

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