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WENDY – A Short film

Last week I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work on WENDY – a short film. Post apocalyptic, comic book, super hero style,  employed as lead special effects makeup artist for the duration of the filming.  Each day was an experience in itself learning about the roles of each person on set and how many people and cast it took to make this film was incredible. Surrounded by passionate, dedicated media professionals and students I learnt how competitive the film industry was as each individual worked very hard in order to make the film happen.

A personal highlight of this film was that I had the opportunity to work with Chris Adamson,  my first established actor I have worked on. More details  of which can be found at


Black Swan


For halloween the Black Swan (film version) makeup was requested by a friend which was very exciting as this look is so elegant and beautiful but also very dark and haunting, it was a delight to do!

Firstly I looked up some reference pictures from the film and advertisements and found that the face was not completly covered in solid white but the top part seemed more opaque than that of the jaw line… mental note made, also if you look closely you will see some red colour beneath the wings surrounding the eyes, this actually works really well with the contacts as it helps to really emphasise the red in the eyes, luckily my friend had purchased some red contacts for her look to use for the look!

Instead of using white face paint like I am sure most would for a halloween fun makeup I used illamasqua foundation in white which was more durable and meant that when it came to bringing up the transparency on the jaw line i was able to take some of the product away where needed and add where the white was needed to look more opaque. This combined with illamasqua translucent powder set the base really well ready for working on, the wings surrounding the eyes where painted on with gel eyeliner, flecks within them applied with white face paint, illamasqua emerald lipgloss and a cheap silver glitter eyeliner. Blusher was then added and a deep red lip was also applied which i had made a darker almost black burgundy liner to give a deeper edge to the lip like shown in the reference picture. some light contouring with bronzer below the jawline was added to give that really sculpted jawline that refers to the original makeup look.

When it came to the hair this was simply scarped back onto a high bun with the help of a doughnut ring to help give it greater body and symmetry.



Work Experience with A Comedy of Errors!

This summer past I was given the very exciting opportunity to work for Shakespeare’s in the park production of The Comedy of errors held at my local National Trust Park. From a very coincidental meeting with a friendly customer at the wine bar I recently worked for, before I knew it I was backstage and […]